Leo Projects Corporation, offers an end-to-end software services, systems and support

Staffing solutions to provide the best-suited talent with right skills

Corporate Profile

LEO PROJECTS CORPORATION is an end to end service provider for software, consulting and staffing solutions. We take pride in working for clients from different business niches, and provide them with unparalleled services while accentuating cost effectiveness. We support our clients to reach their business goals in the most efficient manner.

We are committed to develop precise software solutions, viable consulting services and adept staffing services.

We are a dynamic and fast emerging software, consulting and staffing provider, whose clientele is from diverse business backgrounds, which includes Multi-National Companies, Start-ups, etc. Our services are aimed to achieve the required software solutions with eminent technical expertise and enriched business operations.

Our software service firm works with a customer centric approach, which enables us to create customized solutions according to the business requirements of the customers.

Our futuristic technology platforms assist clients in transforming their raw data into constructive information, which turns out to be crucial in their decision making process.

Our Team

We thrive due to the spirited teamwork of our management and employees. We improvise and up the expertise of every teammate regularly, which results in enormous strength to our firm and our clientele. Our objective is to display our intellectual and technical strength in our clients' projects and provide them with precise and viable software solutions.

Our team boasts of Programmers, Management Consultants, Business Executives, and other professionals. Each of us have years of domain expertise, and when put collectively as a team, the expertise and experience are of top notch.

We are determined to provide eminent business solutions to our clients, which enable them to achieve their endeavors. For this purpose, our team follows a highly focused approach by using the best customized solutions for the respective projects.

Our team exhibits an enduring passion to provide high quality services to clients, and help them achieve their desired results. We strive for long term association with our valued clients.

Strategic Intent

Our intent is to exhibit fine leadership and stay at the prime in providing software, consulting and staffing solutions. Our strategies to ensure a viable service delivery model are formulated according to this intent.

  • State-of-the-art operating systems and other infrastructure
  • Cost effective services
  • Robust and reliable technology platforms
  • Safeguard and maintain stakeholder interests
  • Build long term relationships with the valued clients

To put these strategies into practice, we integrate the following aspects into our operations.

  • Integrated services which are mutually beneficial
  • Precise planning, backed by strong market research and business analytics
  • Customizable and comprehensive services which are highly adaptable according to the client requirements
  • Stringent measures taken ensure high quality services
  • Eminent teamwork to provide world class services


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is crucial in providing adept software, technology support, consulting and staffing services. It transforms our services to potential solutions for the clients.

The infrastructure includes seamless commercial grade electricity, power backups, safety, security and monitoring systems. The usage of power backup systems, which include a generator and inverters, will assist in project implementation and completion even in the event of any power failure.

Our hardware and software systems boast of latest technical specifications, including advanced programming platforms, database management systems and applications, automated tools and application solutions. Also, the required safety and security measures are maintained at every step of our operations.



To become an esteemed software, consulting and staffing services provider by offering unparalleled services to the clientele from diversified business niches, and assist them in attaining business excellence.


We cater to clients from any business vertical by providing a comprehensive range of software and support solutions. The quality of our services is maintained at prime to realize the goals of our clients.

To put our mission to work, we embrace the following aspects:

  • Integrated and Unparalleled software and support solutions
  • Proactive service delivery to cater the clientele from diversified niches
  • Maintain superior quality in software and support services

Our Values

We operate by the core values we have put forth, which accentuate our dedication towards the services, and enable us to provide top notch outputs to our clients. These values help us cherish our endeavors.

Our core values include:

Customer Focus

Our services are formulated to assist the customers in realizing their business endeavors. We value our clients by understanding their requirements precisely, and providing customized solutions which will add value to their projects.

Viable Service Delivery Model

Our service delivery model is comprehensive, and we provide the services like software, consulting and staffing, which are very important for any business.

Support Systems

We provide fine support systems to our clients, which are easy to understand and use.

Seamless Communication

We are always up to talk with our clients, understand their requirements or suggestions, and implement them to create perfect solutions for the client endeavors.


LEO PROJECTS CORPORATION takes pride in providing esteemed services for software creation, integrated consultation and business-centric staffing support. We use the services of highly experienced professionals, robust technology and top notch infrastructure to provide world class services to our clients.

To meet the stringent quality objectives, we indulge in eminent business processes and development methodologies.

We implement the following to meet our high quality standards.

Indulge in highly effective and proven methods to enhance the clients' businesses Comply with the ISO 9000 quality standards. All our services and businesses processes are in-line with these standards Consistent focus on skill development of our employees to make them adept in the new technologies as per the international standards Systematic documentation for every process to assist the clients adeptly Maintain these project management aspects from throughout the software development process

We walk through precise project management systems in the entire service delivery model, including process initiation, planning and implementation of the business processes. We strive to follow high quality standards, and use the latest technologies to ensure that our output stays in-line with the ever changing environments and market requirements.

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